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Classes & workshops

I offer a variety of classes at Bloomington Wellness Center. Please check my Facebook page, Mindful Empowerment, for event dates and times. Here are some classes/workshops that I teach:

Meditation 101

Is it time to re-center, re-focus, and calm the chaotic thoughts? Join me for Meditation 101 to begin bringing balance into back into your life. 

Own Your Soul's Paintbrush

Join me, along with MacKenzie Kirschbaum, as we remind you how important it is to take control of your life's paintbrush; after all, it is your life, your canvas, and ultimately your paintbrush! All too often we take on negative energy from other people's moods, words, and actions. In this class we will talk about taking back the ownership of your paintbrush, being mindful of your choices, actions, and reactions. We'll culminate the evening with you painting your canvas and send you on your way with a peaceful meditation to set your mind for change. 

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